ACTA – A Piracy Law Worse Than SOPA

ACTA – ‘The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement’ is an anti-piracy legislation that can do far worse than the problems we would encounter with SOPA & PIPA, expanding to majority of the developed countries around the world. The primary goal is to ban counterfeit goods and online privacy by requiring Internet Protocol servers and individual websites to monitor and prosecute stolen or shared copyrighted data.

Here is a high level explanation of the agreement:

The treaty has been secretly negotiated behind the scenes between governments with little or no public input. The public however, has found their voice in the outrage. While the anti-web piracy agreement was being signed by the Polish Ambassador yesterday morning, government websites were hacked into and URL’s were changed to “fu**acta”, while protestors marched the streets.

I can’t imagine any of these lawmakers having an expertise in online media, as they are looking for a way to slowly crash our internet as well as our freedom of speech. We will see what is to come of this agreement, and hope that the public can come together to burn this down like SOPA.

Protests in Poland:


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