5 Ways to Measure Social Media

Ron Jones from ClickZ recently introduced  5 ways to measure the success of a Social Media marketing campaign.  His insight and tools are a great place to start for marketers who aren’t certain of  what their MOS should be.

1. Awareness & Exposure: Brand awareness should be one of your main goals in your social media marketing campaign.  While there is no direct way to measure progress in brand awareness, you can get an idea by looking at the amount of site traffic / page views /  followers and subscribers.

2. Share of Voice & Sentiment: The number of conversations about your brand vs competitors. Positive, neutral and negative sentiment are all crucial to track.

3. Influence: Influence is the likelihood that you are inspiring action from your followers. When a person is exposed to your brand through an influencer, they are more likely to engage.  Influence includes re-tweets, Facebook posts, and content that is shared/liked around the web that exposes your brand to an additional audience other than your follower.

4. Engagement:  Engagement is the extent to which your followers engage with your content. This metric measures how much interest your audience has in your content and has a close connection with audience action.

5.  Popularity: Popularity is the number of people you have following, subscribed, or are members of your brand. Having a mass audience tracking your content around the social media web provides your brand with free and easy advertising opportunities to reach your target audience.

Check out http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2102934/measure-social-media to read the full article by Ron Jones.


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