Twitter Enhances Sponsored Tweets

Twitter is in the testing stages of improving their promoted Tweets feature, by having the promoted tweets appear at or on top of the followers timeline.  The tweets will only appear to users who want to communicate with these marketers, by opting in to follow them.

Initial testing will include about 20 marketers, including Groupon, HBO, Sephora and Starbucks. The marketers will be bidding to push ads into a users timeline. This means a marketer may bid against no one, or against 20 other brands if there are enough users who follow that many companies.

This new feature has potential to be very large for advertisers. Users will enjoy following their favorite brands and being subject to discounts and promotions via sponsored tweets on their timeline, while advertisers will see an increase in sales. This type of opt-in advertising makes the consumer feel connected and trusting of the brands they are following, without feeling the pressure of obnoxious sales techniques they encounter everyday.

Check out Twitter’s Blog to read their first announcement on enhancing sponsored tweets.


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