Google Tackles Slow Web Pages

Google is on fire this year – declaring war on Facebook with the new social media site Google +, and now releasing a Page Speed service, that will solve the problem of slow downloads on web pages. 

 The service is being offered to help site owners maintain a high frequency of traffic by making sure visitors are not bogged down by slow page loads that drive the visitor away from the site.

The Page Speed service is as simple as signing up and giving your site’s DNS entry to Google. They put their magic to work by fetching content from the sites servers, rewriting the pages based on web performance best practices, and serving them via Google’s servers.  Visitors will continue to access a site in the same way as before but could see speed enhancements of 25 percent to 60 percent, according to Google.

“At this time, Page Speed Service is being offered to a limited set of Webmasters free of charge.  Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later”. said engineering manager Ram Ramani in a blog post today.


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