4 Rules of Engagement for Mobile Marketing

1. Send Useful Signals, Not Meaningless Static – Bombarded by social media, consumers are overwhelmed by noise, and many mobile ads go unseen. So swim with the current instead of against it. Mobile isn’t a channel for disruption. If you’re a brand targeting dieters or health conscious consumers, develop an app to filter the latest research on super foods or latest cancer discoveries.

2. Create Two-Way Conversations to Build Brand ValueBrands and agency partners need to know how to get consumers to talk back.  Multi-billion dollar companies have figured out how to do so by building algorithms’ tied to small clickable buttons. Amazon has the “was this review helpful to you?” button. By adding this question to each product page, $2.7 billion of additional yearly value was brought in. When people see that their input actually has some affect, they appreciate it and come back.

3. Socialize the Content & Campaign with Conversation – Social Networking is now the fastest – growing mobile activity. Brands need to take this rise in social media into account, as consumers get in the habit of checking Facebook on the run and ignoring the brands that don’t involve direct interaction.

4. Understand and Apply Usage DataBy combining three types of Mobile data – Location, Activity & Time – It’s now possible to assemble a detailed picture of consumer behavior. For Example, a Mom is a different person at 7 a.m. when she’s getting the kids ready for school, than she is at 9:00 am when she gets into the office. Relevancy is both the challenge and opportunity of data-collection capabilities of Smartphones.


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